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Since most museums and galleries around the world are temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the          What’s On listing of exhibitions is not currently being updated.


Operation Night Watch

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Opened 8 Jul 2019

Until 31 Dec 2021

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Heaven in a nutshell. Art and devotion in the age of Burgundy

The distribution of religious books and the popularity of devotion to the rosary during the 15th century contributed to an increase in piety in the Burgundian Netherlands, prompting a demand for items for personal prayer and meditation notable for their use of precious materials and tiny size. The exhibition focusses on the beauty of these objects, their function and uses.

Open now

Bruges, Belgium


Opened 1 Oct 2020

Until 1 Feb 2021

Riopelle: The Call of Northern Landscapes and Indigenous Cultures

This major exhibition will contribute to the scientific knowledge of the work of renowned Quebec Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002). It will be an unparalleled opportunity to follow Riopelle's pictorial and sculptural evolution through his recurring references to northern regions that fueled his imagination and the Indigenous communities that live there.

Open now

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Opened 19 Sep 2020

Until 7 Feb 2021

Hidden Treasures: The Sculptural Jewellery of Walter Schluep

This retrospective exhibition invites visitors to take an enchanted journey through the extraordinary world of modernist jewellery-artist Walter Schluep (1931-2016). Born in Spain, Schluep was raised in Switzerland. At 22, he moved to Montreal where he will create until his retirement. This is the first museum exhibition dedicated to Schluep's work in Canada.

Open now

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Opened 25 Aug 2020

Until 7 Mar 2021

Yann Pocreau: Impermanencies

Yann Pocreau will here unveil new pieces based on his discoveries. Light and Pocreau's manner of "staging" have been central to his approach for a number of years. In Impermanencies, he reflects on the cosmos and its sources of light and the way scientists study, analyze and interpret the universe and its phenomena.

Open now

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Opened 12 Sep 2020

Until 21 Mar 2021


Plunged into climate change created by humans in the Anthropocene era, many suffer from eco-anxiety and no longer see the value of perpetuating the human species. The exhibition title is plural because the term is used here in multiple contexts: eco-activism, eco-feminism, ecology of living beings and ecology of places.

Open now

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Opened 16 Jun 2020

Until 2 May 2021

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