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November 2023

Vol. 165 | No. 1448



History of art after Brexit

It is probably fair to say that the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in 2020 as a consequence of the referendum of 2016 was not greeted with much enthusiasm by professional art historians. The subject as it has developed over the past century is by its very nature transnational in outlook.

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Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Memory Map

In 2011 the artist Jaune Quick-to-See Smith said: ‘my work is a diary or journal of my life. It starts with a message, it has layered meanings, but I like to bring the viewer in with a seductive texture, a beautiful drawing and then let them have one of my messages’. However, Smith’s life and messages are discussed more often than her seductive textures and beautiful drawings. This historical oversight has now been addressed in an authoritative touring retrospective that spans fifty years of her practice.

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  • Wounds of Christ

    A medallion of Abbess Jacqueline de Lalaing of Flines

    By Anna Koopstra,Michael Carter
  • Details of God the Father

    Silvio and Vincenzo Cosini in Venice and the altar of Girolamo Priuli in S. Salvatore

    By Anne Markham Schulz
  • Jubilee medal of Pope Julius III

    A 1550 ‘double Jubilee’ medal by Alessandro Cesati

    By Giulia Daniele
  • Detail from Kensington Palace: the Cupola Room

    George I’s Kensington Palace: the sculptural dimension

    By Jonathan Marsden
  • Michael Kauffmann

    Michael Kauffmann (1931–2023)

    By Paul Williamson