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Mina Loy: Strangeness is Inevitable

Mina Loy: Strangeness is Inevitable is the first monographic presentation of the art of Mina Loy (born Mina Gertrude Lowy, 1882­–1966), one of the most inscrutable artists and poets of the twentieth century. Over 80 paintings, drawings, and constructions made by Loy through the course of her life, are united to reveal her omnivorous creativity as an image-maker, author, and cultural arbiter. These works, drawn from a dozen institutional and private lenders, are complemented by extensive, never-before assembled, archival materials that will contextualize her art within the arc of her life. Courageous enough to defy the conventions of her era, both socially and aesthetically, Loy developed a creative career that included the creation of poetry and prose, visual art, and design.

Closing soon

Chicago, USA

Arts Club of Chicago

Opened 19 Mar 2024

Until 8 Jun 2024

Frans Hals

Extraordinarily productive, innovative, entertaining and a little rough around the edges: Frans Hals was one of a handful of painters who defined the seventh century. His distinctive, freewheeling style of painting became so influential that it’s easy to forget that he was its founder. A selection of around fifty key works has been made from Frans Hals’ extensive oeuvre. These include works from the Rijksmuseum’s own collection – The Merry Drinker, Portrait of a Couple – and a number of special loans, for which we are extremely grateful. These include The Laughing Cavalier from the Wallace Collection in London, a work that normally never travels, as well as Catharina Hooft with her Nurse and Malle Babbe (Gemäldegalerie, Berlin), Family Group in a Landscape (Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid) and Fruit and Vegetable Seller (Private Collection Bridgenorth). The exhibition features another first: the group portrait The Banquet of the Officers of the St George Civic Guard from 1616 (Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem), will be seen outside the city of Haarlem for the first time ever.

Closing soon

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Opened 16 Feb 2024

Until 9 Jun 2024

Matthew Krishanu

Matthew Krishanu’s (b. 1980, Bradford, UK) major exhibition will include both paintings and works on paper. The artist’s atmospheric, pared-back compositions depict scenes from his life, including his childhood years in Bangladesh growing up with his brother and their parents who were Christian missionaries. Seemingly familiar narratives are alluded to but destabilised, and the viewer’s own projections are called upon to fulfill the interpretive loop, raising questions about childhood, religion, race, power and the legacies of empire. Working in series, one painting segues into the next as a natural telling of the artist’s own journey through the joys and sorrows of life, with deeply personal subject matter that speaks to the human condition in all its complexity.

Open now

London, UK

Camden Art Centre

Opened 12 Apr 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

Andrew Omoding

Andrew Omoding (b. 1987, Uganda) was Artist-in-Residence at Camden Art Centre in 2019. Following the success of his open studio he is returning to Gallery 3 for his first major solo exhibition in London. Working site-responsively, his largely autobiographical works emerge intuitively—reclaiming abandoned materials from his immediate surroundings, Omoding layers, weaves, threads, binds and wraps them into vibrant assemblages of contrasting colour, texture and form.

Open now

London, UK

Camden Art Centre

Opened 23 Apr 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

Delcy Morelos

Artist Delcy Morelos is developing a new commission for Dia Chelsea that takes soil, territory, and topography as its points of departure. For her installations, the artist will coat the surfaces of one gallery with dirt and stacked, soil-encrusted objects; in the other, she will build a mountainous earthen form. Morelos’s practice considers the interdependencies between natural and built environments through the framework of Indigenous relations to land. In these works, surface and volume converge through material accumulation and monochromatic expanse. Since 2012, Morelos has been interested in the cosmologies of ancestral Andean and Amazonian cultures, her own and others, focusing particularly on the sustaining powers of water and clay in these origin stories. Her immersive installations aim to cultivate moments of connection with what she describes as the “intimate humidity of the earth.”


Open now

New York, USA

Dia Chelsea

Opened 6 Oct 2023

Until 15 Jul 2024

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